SWSpeakers was founded in 2007 in Sweden. For the last few years, we have been doing the final development of a new and unique way of constructing a loudspeaker cabinet. The idea was to create a loudspeaker cabinet, which would not disturb or distort the pure sound coming from the drive units. The first drawings were made in 2000 during a university acoustic study. The aim was to eliminate as many cabinet noises, edge diffractions and reflections as possible. The perfect loudspeaker system should look like an infinite sphere, without the edges and corners, which create the typical box sound. That is why the Magic Flute loudspeaker looks so different. The special design was developed to come as close as possible to the infinite sphere. Since an infinite sphere is impractical in the normal living room, we developed a turbine shape based on airflow research. Close to the driver the surface is made of circles like a sphere, but further away the shape gradually changes into the also circular turbine shape. And at the end the circles get smaller and smaller until the sound waves from all directions can unite in one smooth flow, leaving the cabinet without any edge reflections. The result is a superior sounding loudspeaker.


Good sound has been defined in many different ways. In our philosophy, you hear good sound when you perceive the music like you would in a live performance, with the orchestra playing right in front of you. When you are listening to our Magic Flute, the music will be alive and independent of the loudspeaker cabinets. You can hear and locate the musical instruments in the room, but you will not locate the sound as coming from the loudspeakers. The result of our speaker development is wonderful. When you close your eyes, your mind will move into the new acoustic dimension of the original recording hall. Naturally you will only experience this wonderful feeling, when you play good recordings and use High End amplifiers and source components.


The design of our speaker system is as unique as it is brilliant. The speaker cabinets were developed to provide the best hearing perception and to present a true and natural sound quality. But this design is more than functional. The new and unique shape is a clear visual expression of the sonic perfection in your listening room and it soon becomes an important part of your life. Your friends will first admire them as an impressive work of art. Later, when they listen to them, they will also discover the best natural acoustics reproduction ever made.


SWSpeakers is a small company, who really cares about their customers - they always come first. In today's world of speed and mass production, we take the time to produce a unique hand-made loudspeaker. We are using only the best materials and parts. The result is the longer lasting customer satisfaction.


What represents high fidelity to us? High Fidelity has the demand to reproduce the sound or image of its input signal and to provide the best hearing perception to achieve one goal: Natural Sound - The quality of being faithful!

Magic Flute

The Magic Flute is the result of many years of acoustic studies and engineering calculations. It represents the ultimate sound quality combined with a unique loudspeaker design. The special “infinite” design of the cabinets is acoustically optimized and makes it possible to produce extremely accurate fluctuations in air pressure. The Magic Flute is the essential final speaker system, it will reproduce the music signal into its original form, a physically true sound wave. The Magic Flute is a “true” loudspeaker that creates a lovely listening experience. Smooth, clear and roomy music reproduction will position you directly in a live music experience.


Every product developed by SWspeakers is a symbiosis between perfect sound quality and extraordinary design – from the first computerised sketching to product design to the manufactured end speaker. The Figaro speakers, designed by our founder Sinan Wasif, an ingenious engineer with over a decade of experience in sound quality, bring a perfect harmony between classic and future by using carbon fiber and prestigious materials and design.   SWSpeakers took more than two years of continuous evolution and spared no effort to produce the same uncompromised sound quality. And the end results are Figaro, small speakers with very big sound, roomy, soft and clear! These are the fundamentals for SWSpeakers’ philosophy and we make sure to deliver them. Enjoy Figaro from SWSpeakers. Sound you can see.


Nessma, sounds from above to complete your audio system, perfect for surround systems as rear speakers. match your room design and interior design as we do in all wished colors.


SWSpeakers Bass system reflects the philosophy of having a perfect music experience packed up in an extraordinary design to match the S W Speakers language of shapes. The Bass is build to reproduce the very low frequencies (LFE) from recorded music and movies. A perfect sounding home cinema needs a superior subwoofer system to cover the groundfloor of sound. To listen to Bass is pure pleasure and a physical experiment with all low frequencies sounds support by vibrations. It will rock you as you are listening to it.